Various Types of SBI Home Loan

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SBI is one of the most prestigious and trusted bank in the home loan sector. The bank offers a bunch of different home loans and the SBI home loan types are designed to suit your requirement no matter what occupation you are in and no matter what type of loan you are looking forward to. Let us check out the numerous options offered by the bank.


SBI Flexi Home loan

As the name suggests this I one of the most preferred SBI home loan types because it offers flexible payment option. The first benefit of the loan is that it offers 1.2 times more the amount as per the eligibility of the customer but the amount has to be Rs 20 lacs or more. So if you are eligible for Rs 20 lacs, you are entitled to receive a loan of Rs 24 lacs. Another benefit of the loan is that you can choose to pay only interest during the pre-EMI period which can range from 36 to 60 months. After that your EMI will shoot up. The repayment tenure can be 25 or 30 years depending on the choice of the customer. Apart from that, the customer can apply the loan with only 2 years of experience. The age range for this type of loan is 21 to 45 years.


SBI MAXGAIN is an overdraft home loan. In this case, the customer can operate the account as savings or current account. The loan is sanctioned for more than 20 lacs. The customer can keep the additional fund with the bank and get benefit on the interest of the loan amount. This will help them get yield on their savings as interest on the home loan will be reduced in proportion with the savings deposit. The customer can withdraw the money anytime as per requirement and checkbook and net banking facility will be provided to the customer. Other terms and conditions are same as the regular home loan.

NRI home loan

SBI has a special plan for the nonresidential Indians or people with Indian origin. The loan amount can be 3 lacs or more and 2 years of employment is mandatory.


In case, you want to purchase a plot and them make a house on the same, this one is the best choice. The bank provides loan up to 10 crores for the plot and the house together but the construction has to begin within 5 years of purchase of plot. You can first take loan for the plot and then take loan for the building. Repayment period is 15 years.


Pre-approved loan is for people who are about to purchase a property but have not finalized one. This loan will enable to understand their estimate and they can choose a property accordingly. The validity period of the approval is 4 months within which the customer has to provide the document.

SBI Tribal Plus

This home loan is designed for hill/tribal areas and the maximum loan amount here is 10 lacs. Here. Mortgage of property is not possible but building home is possible. Repair and renovation is also financed.


This is a loan for the rural area and the maximum amount here is 5 lacs. Areas with less than 50,000 population are eligible for this and the processing fee is waived.


The loan for self help group is sanctioned on the basis of number of members. The amount per member is Rs. 50,000.


This loan is for the central or state government employees where the repayment can be done up to the age of 75 years. The EMIs will be lower after retirement.


This loan is specially made for the defense professional with similar benefit of privilege home loan and lower interest.


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