What are the benefits of having a TATA Credit Card?

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Indians are most comfortable using cash for sundry expenses. Who would like to use Credit Cards or Mobile Wallets for a simple Rs 200 transaction? Even you and I wouldn’t have done that till the demonetization happened on November 8, 2016. However, situations changed overnight. Post demonetization, we try and use plastic money or e-money wherever possible! Even roadside snack counters have started accepting e-wallet transactions and small shops have taken credit card machines.


So, now credit cards have become quite popular at least amongst the urban citizens. Cashless transactions can be seamlessly done and additional points and benefits can also be availed. However, are you actually aware of the various benefits that credit cards offer?

Yes, whether you want to use your cards for PoS (Point of Sale) transactions or for withdrawing cash in emergent situations, credit cards allow these benefits and more. TATA is also a leading financial institution which offers various credit cards designed to cater to different uses. These cards allow various benefits too. Want to find out what these benefits are? Let’s find out:

Benefits of TATA Credit Cards:

  • Ease of availability of cash

The best feature about these cards is that you can avail funds on your card for meeting any emergent need. You don’t have to go for a separate loan when you need funds as your credit card does the job for you. Your credit card allows you a pre-approved loan amount which can be taken without any additional documents. The loan has a very low rate of interest, involves a flat processing fee irrespective of the amount availed and is delivered within 3-5 days. Even the loan repayment tenure is flexible as you can pay off the loan in 12, 24 or 36 months.

  • Ease of consolidation of outstanding balances

Tired of having multiple credit cards and monitoring their outstanding bills? Relax! Now you can consolidate the outstanding balances of all your credit cards and transfer them to a TATA Card. You can then pay the aggregated outstanding balance either through convenient repayment options at nil or minimal interest rates or pay back the balance in EMIs at very minimal interest rates.

  • Affording high value purchases

Spent a little too much this sale season? Worry not. A TATA credit card allows you to afford your high value purchases by breaking them down into affordable EMIs. Any purchase above Rs.2500 can be converted to easy EMIs which can be paid over a 6, 9, 12 or 24 month repayment period. A one-time processing fee is charged which is very low and the interest rate is also kept minimal. Now buying that dream handset is no longer unaffordable.

  • Instant cash, that too at your doorsteps

Yes, you can get cash on your TATA credit card with a cheque delivered right at your doorsteps. The minimum amount to avail this facility is Rs.5000 and the interest rate is very low. You can also use your TATA credit card to withdraw cash from ATMs when you are running low on funds.

  • Ensured security on your card

TATA Cards have a unique Card Protection Plan (CPP) which safeguards not only your credit card but also your debit cards and other important documents against loss or theft. By a single call you can report the loss of your card and block it. TATA credit cards provide you with emergency hotel and travel assistance if you lose your card while travelling. Your hotel bills, travel tickets and emergency cash are provided under this travel assistance. You can also enroll your family members under this coverage. Fraud protection coverage is also provided up to Rs.3 lakhs. Other services offered include lost PAN Card replacement, lost mobile phone reporting, IMEI registration, f-Secure internet security, etc.

  • Ease of access to card details

Accessing your card details is easy. You can access all your card-related details at tatacard.com or get information through SMS alerts on your registered mobile number. The online portal also allows you to avail offers and rewards associated with your card. Instant and easy, isn’t it?

In today’s age when there are lots of credit cards already available in the market, TATA credit cards provide some amazing benefits. The facility of availing a loan on your card, consolidating the outstanding balances on other credit cards and also the facility of paying such outstanding balances through easy EMIs make TATA credit cards unique. So, which is your favorite TATA credit card?


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